Safety First
The Rules & Regulations of COCO-MAT Hotels

Caring for your Health & Safety

As a new era in hospitality begins, COCO-MAT Hotels are ready to welcome you to Athens safely, and in absolute accordance to the new health and safety regulations. We constantly update our procedures to be in accordance with all health and safety regulations for our guests and our staff. Read below all the latest guidelines for a safe hospitality experience in COCO-MAT Hotels and enjoy a stay in Athens, as carefree as the clear skies of Attica! 


How to Stay Healthy & Safe in COCO-MAT Hotels

Keep the Distances at Common Areas
Wash Your Hands Frequently
Wear a Mouth-Nose Mask, Provided for Free
Prefer your Breakfast In-Room

Paperless Check In. Prefer Contactless Payments

The Quick List of Health & Safety in COCO-MAT Hotels!

  • Please follow the H.D.M. (Hands-Distance-Mask) Rule.
  • All rooms and common areas are continuously disinfected and cleaned with PureSpace system.
  • Hand sanitizers are available in all hotel common areas and rooms. 
  • Masks are provided free of charge to our guests. 
  • Non-residents of the Hotels are not allowed in the premises.
  • We serve your breakfast in your room.
  • Gym and spa are not available till further governmental notice.


Disinfection in Rooms & Public Areas Details 

All rooms and common areas of COCO-MAT Hotels are cleaned carefully using the technical fogging Pure Space system several times throughout the day. In addition, we use fully complied with the international standards cleaning products and the latest antibacterial and antiviral solutions. 


Staff Training & Regulations

Our staff wears face masks and provides our customers with consumables, such as antibacterial hand sanitizers, masks and disposable gloves, if requested. We closely follow all the latest guidelines from the World Health Organization, the Greek Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Tourism, The Hellenic Chamber of Hotels and our staff is constantly trained on all latest about Covid19.


Check In & Hotel Communication 

All reception areas are marked to keep the 1.5-meter distance rule that protects our customers during the check-in procedure or other occasions, such as activities or transfers arrangements. We suggest that all communications within the premises are carried out paperless.


Contactless Payments 

We recommend doing all your payments via credit cards and contactless, for you to only have to come in touch with your disinfected key card from the reception desk. 


Bookings & Cancellation

During these challenging times, we have made sure to be fully flexible with our bookings and cancellations policies. Please get in touch with the hotel you have booked directly for any matter regarding your reservation. 


Breakfast & Other Areas

We suggest having your breakfast in your room. Our room service will be delighted to serve you. Breakfast-to-go boxes are also available. As for our restaurant and lobby areas, the placement of tables follows exactly the distances required by the authorities. The common areas must be occupied only by the maximum number of people permitted. You could enjoy any meal by reserving your table in advance.


Use of lift

Only guests living in the same room are allowed to use the lift at the same time, but we strongly recommend using the stairs, as the Stay-Natural motto of COCO-MAT Hotels suggests.